Progression Session

Progression Session
From AUD $15.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Braybrook, VIC
  • Product code: P1ZAW0

What is the "Progression Session"?

Progression Sessions are all about "levelling up" - challenging yourself to tick off new skills and move to the next level of riding, skating or scooting.  They are open to all skill levels.

At RampFest, we have broken down the skills we teach in our coaching courses in 7x Stages for Skate, Scoot & BMX.  These Stages are:

  1. First Timers
  2. Beginner - Level 1
  3. Beginner - Level 2
  4. Beginner - Level 3
  5. Intermediate - Level 1
  6. Intermediate - Level 2
  7. Intermediate - Level 3

To pass each stage and "level up", all participants need to demonstrate their competence in certain skills specific to their current stage.  A progression session is like a karate grading - you practice your skills all term, and then you demonstrate them to the coaches to move up.

Progression Sessions are open to any riders - whether you've participated in a RampFest Coaching Clinic before or not.  You can attend a Progression Session as an initial grading day to set yourself a baseline level, or if you already know your level, you can attend to move up to the next.

The bottom line is that Progression Sessions are about creating a supportive and encouraging environment for kids to push themselves and achieve their goals.  They are non-competitive with others and all the tests are individual, skills based challenges.  

If you're a young rider, skater or scooter'er (or a parent of one), this is the perfect event to boost your confidence, see your current skills and set some goals to improve on for next time. 

How does the day work?

The session will kick off at 3:30pm.  We'll gather all the kids together and split everyone up into groups by Sport (Skate / Scoot / BMX).  Each child will then get to nominate which Level they want to do the test for.  

All the tests & skills will be printed out and available before the Session.

Skateboarders will be going first, follow by Scooters and then BMX.  We don't have set times for each group but we estimate the session will finish around 6pm.  We're encouraging everyone to hang out and support everyone else as they do attempt their level challenges.

Once the session is finished, we'll do a presentation for everyone who completed a test (complete with Certificate), and then a FREE BBQ for everyone will be provided and we can all hang around at RampFest until 7pm.